About Us

jugend.beteiligen.jetzt provides practical support for the digital participation of young people. The platform offers procedural know-how and tools, as well as qualification opportunities. It also provides examples of good practice and links to a number of other exemplary digital youth participation projects.

Initiators and partners of jugend.beteiligung.jetzt (youth.participation.now – for good practice in digital participation)

jugend.beteiligen.jetzt – for good practice in digital participation (jbj) is a joint project by the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS), the German Federal Youth Council (DBJR) and (IJAB) – International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany, initiated by and with the support of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The coordination office Taking action for a youth appropriate society supports the project’s integration in the Youth Strategy of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Our aim – a dynamic participatory culture

jbj wants to firmly anchor a dynamic participatory culture in the daily lives of young people and policy makers. The project connects initiators and policy makers and qualifies them for accessible, target group-appropriate participatory processes. The participation of young people through digital methods and tools must become a guiding principle of political processes.

What the project offers – practical support for youth participation in digital media

How can the social and political participation of young people be encouraged with digital media? Which effective methods and tools are already available? What do policy-makers, local authorities, youth organisations need to be able to promote youth participation with digital tools? The online platform of the project jbj provides a combination of experience and tools. It encourages participation through knowledge transfer, digital tools, processes and methods. It also provides links to existing networks and qualification services, and gives good-practice examples for the participation of young people with digital media.

Background – experience and expertise

The project partners have access to knowledge from previous successful projects, e. g. youthpart, youthpart #lokal, Ichmache>Politik oder Strukturierter Dialog (Structured Dialogue). jbj makes expertise available to promote a positive culture of participation in different contexts. In this way jbj encourages and strengthens a continually growing and diverse network for the participation of young people through digital media, thus contributing towards a more youth-friendly society.

The Federal Youth Ministry’s youth strategy

jbj is incorporated in the youth strategy of the Federal Ministry highlighting the interests and needs of young people aged between 12 and 27.


Isgard Walla

Head of project jugend.beteiligen.jetzt

Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (DKJS)

Tempelhofer Ufer 11
10963 Berlin

Tel.: (+49) 30 25 76 76 - 829